Aerial Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems

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Shotover u1

Shotover U1 Heavy Lifter UAS

The Shotover U1 Heavy Lifter UAS is capable of 7-12 minutes of flight time at the full 55-pound FAA weight restriction, offering studio productions the ability to carry up to 22.4 pounds of cinema size payload (gimbal, camera, lens, and accessories) at its max allowable takeoff weight.

Wide GCS Quarter 1b

Ground Control Station

Our cutting-edge custom designed Ground Control Station (GCS) sets a new standard in UAS flight safety. Unlike our competitors and their RC controllers, the GCS has superior capabilities and precision controls that cinema clients expect on a high end film set.

Matrice 600

Matrice 600 UAS

The Matrice 600 Medium Lifter UAS is capable of up to 15 minutes of flight time carrying mid size imaging payloads. This UAS offers budget conscious productions the ability to achieve high quality aerials at a fraction of the cost.

Inspire Wide

Inspire Raw "Striker" UAS

The Inspire Raw “Striker” UAS is capable of up to 15 minutes of flight time. We call it the Striker because it is fast, nimble, and disposable… perfect for an action/stunt unit wanting high risk, low, close, and fast shots. We bring more than one so we can keep shooting without any down time.

Wide Charger

Rapid Charging System

We arrive on set ready with enough battery power for nearly an hour (50 minutes) of flight time. But with our Rapid Charging System (RCS) and two standard 110V AC 15-amp circuits we can recharge 4 batteries in 40 minutes or 8 batteries in 66 minutes. In addition, the system monitors individual battery cells so we know if there is a problem before we get in the air.

Wide Cases

Travel-Ready Checked Cases

The LiPo battery kits must ship with special handling via UPS or FedEx Air Overnight. The UAS and peripheral equipment cases may ship by cargo or as checked “media bags” on the airline with traveling flight crew personnel.

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