Mega III 360

Mega III 360

The Mega III is a robust yet lightweight 3 axis remote head system capable of carrying a wide range of camera packages.

The Mega III is particularly suitable for fixed and telescopic crane applications and has sufficient power to maneuver even large camera packages quickly and accurately without backlash or jitter.

The MEGA III’s incredibly rigid yet lightweight construction gives it a high level of inherent stability compared with any other 3 Axis non-stabilised remote heads.

The MEGA III automatically centers the camera lens in the roll axis to provide nodal 360° continuous roll capability.

Slip rings enable full 360 degree movement in all axes, with camera power, video, and Preston cable control run through the head.

-Telescoping cranes

-Fixed arm cranes


-Hard mounts

Dimensions (H x W x D)

35in. x 31in x 29in.
89cm x 78cm x 73cm


(without counterbalance weights)

Pan, tilt & roll

360° continuous

Electronic limit switches

Pan, tilt & roll

Speed range pan, tilt & roll

Max. 2sec. per 360°

Outputs at camera plate

2x 14V camera power regulated
1x 30V camera power unregulated
1x 30V 3pin XLR accessories power
1x Aux- CAC/RCU/LCS through sliprings
2x 75ohm BNC

Motion capture recording

100sec. max. of pan, tilt & roll movement
Multitrack individual axis recording
Replay move at any speed up to 300%
Up/download available on request

Full look down
All cameras with 400ft. mags
with 1000ft. mags on 535B, ARRICAM
or PV XL only


Water resistant
Precise nodal roll

Mounting base

Standard Mitchell

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