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Project Description



The Shotover U1 Heavy Lifter UAS is capable of 7-12 minutes of flight time at the full 55-pound FAA weight restriction, offering studio productions the ability to carry up to 22.4 pounds of cinema size payload (gimbal, camera, lens, and accessories) at its max allowable takeoff weight.

Recommended Payload

To maximize flight time and image quality on most low altitude missions, we recommend attaching A carbon fiber Red Weapon or Alexa Mini camera with a lightweight zoom to the G1 Gimbal.


Aircraft Empty Weight
Power (4x 16000 mAh battery)
Payload* (Gimbal/Camera/Lens/Accessories)

12.2 pounds
7.9 pounds
13.2 pounds

* Weight shown is based on manufacturer’s maximum takeoff weight. Within the United States, FAA regulations restrict all UAS flight operations from exceeding 55 total pounds.



65.67 inches
59.76 inches
29.88 inches

Flight Times

Aggressive Maneuvering
Standard Maneuvering
Light Maneuvering

11 Minutes
13 Minutes
15 Minutes

Performance & Limitations

Cruise Speed
Do Not Exceed Speed
Rate of Climb/Descent
Minimum Landing Zone Area
Minimum Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Temperature
Maximum Range
Maximum Endurance
Maximum Ceiling
Maximum Wind Resistance (17.9mph)
Maximum Takeoff Weight
Maximum Yaw Angular Velocity
Maximum Tilt Angle
Maximum Amperage Draw

35 kts / 40 mph
43 kts / 50 mph
984 feet / minute
8 square feet
14 degrees F
104 degrees F
2 miles VLOS
16 minutes
8,202 ft MSL
16 kts / 18 mph
33.3 pounds
150 degrees / second
25 degrees
100 amps

Crew Requirements

1. Remote Pilot In Command (RPIC)
3. UAS Technician (UAST)

2. Aerial Camera Operator (CO)

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