Remote Heads

Remote Heads


Libra Remote Head

The Libra Remote Head is a 3 axis digitally stabilized camera mount. Due to it’s compact size and durable nature as well as its ability to be applied to a wide varity of platforms such as cranes, camera vehicles, cable rigs, and boats. The Libra Head is considered to be the industry standard in stabilized remote heads.

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MoSys Remote Head

With powerful integrated motors and high-resolution digital encoders, the MoSys Lambda Digital Remote Head provides the instantaneous feel of direct drive and smooth operation.

Catering for the bigger camera packages up to of 120 pounds. Initially, the Lambda was designed as a motion control head, where zero backlash and accuracy is a must.

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Mega III 360

The Mega III is a robust yet lightweight 3 axis remote head system capable of carrying a wide range of camera packages.

The Mega III is particularly suitable for fixed and telescopic crane applications and has sufficient power to maneuver even large camera packages quickly and accurately without backlash or jitter.

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Talon Head

From a design team with over 75 years of award winning industry experience: an affordable, full featured, mid-size, rugged and lightweight remote head. Designed for HD, film & broadcast camera systems.

Full function remote with hand wheel option.

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Stabilized Scorpio Head

Stabilized Scorpio Head.

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