Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have an FAA 333 authorization to fly in the United States?

The FAA has granted exemption authorization #16721 for aerial cinematography and data capture operations within the United States through EPT, Pro-Cam’s subsidiary.

Do you use FAA-licensed aircraft pilots to fly?

The FAA requires all UAS pilots to be licensed as “Sport Pilot.” Pro-Cam sets a higher standard by only using FAA-licensed pilots with a “Private Pilot” or higher credential.

What training and certifications do your flight crews receive?

Prior to working for us, flight crews go through a rigorous qualification, training, certification, and endorsement process. Certification requires testing flight crews on our Flight Operations and Safety Manual (FOSM), Organizational Policies and Procedures Manual (OPPM), and Production Operations and Safety Manual (POSM). Once certified, crews can become endorsed in various flight crew positions after practical training and testing on our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Do you use RC controllers to fly drones?

For our G-Daddy heavy lifter UAS we use our cutting-edge custom designed Ground Control Station, setting a new standard in UAS flight safety with superior capabilities and precision controls that cinema clients expect on a high end production.

What are production's insurance requirements to rent UAS gear?

Requirements are the same as renting our ground based equipment, although a production’s insurance underwriter may require additional aerial coverage. Pro-Cam requires a minimum of $2MM in liability, the cumulative replacement value of the equipment, and automobile liability specifying hired auto, non-owned, and physical damage. Pro-Cam and it’s aerial division subsidiary must be named as additional insured and loss payees.

Does Pro-Cam carry aircraft hull and liability insurance?

Through our aerial division subsidiary, Pro-Cam carries complete aircraft hull and liability insurance, as well a special equipment endorsement for using camera, lens, and accessory equipment that is already on rental through production.

What are the shipping options to get the UAS gear to the location?

The LiPo batteries must ship with special handling via FedEx Air Overnight. The UAS and peripheral equipment cases may ship by FedEx or as checked “media bags” on the airline with traveling flight crew personnel.

Can flight crews carry LiPo batteries on commercial airliners?

No. Federal law prohibits hazardous materials such as LiPo batteries from being included in either checked or carry-on baggage on commercial flights.

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