Pro-Cam Rentals I2-cover DJI Inspire I2 Light Lift Drone

The Inspire 2 Light Lifter UAS is capable of up to 23 minutes of flight time. It is fast, nimble, and highly maneuverable… perfect for an action/stunt unit wanting high risk, low, close, and fast shots. The I2 pairs with the Zenmuse X7 Gimbal/Camera, which has a Super 35 sensor that captures 6K CinemaDNG and ProRes imagery.

Technical Specifications

Recommended Payload

The cinema package for this light lifter drone is the Zenmuse X7 Gimbal/Camera. The camera sensor is a Super-35mm frame sensor capable of capturing up to 6K resolution in the CinemaDNG and ProRes encoding formats. Package includes 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm prime lenses.

Performance & Limitations

Cruise Speed
Do Not Exceed Speed
Rate of Climb/Descent
Min Landing Zone Area
Min Operating Temperature
Max Operating Temp
Maximum Range
Maximum Endurance
Maximum Ceiling
Maximum Wind Resistance
Maximum Takeoff Weight
Max Yaw Angular Velocity
Maximum Tilt Angle
Maximum Amperage Draw

50 kts / 58 mph
74 kts / 85 mph
1,182 feet / minute
6 square feet
-4 degrees F
104 degrees F
2-4 miles VLOS
25 minutes
16,368 ft MSL
19 kts / 22 mph
8.82 pounds
300 degrees / second
150 degrees / second
40 degrees

Flight Times

Aggressive Maneuvering
Standard Maneuvering
Light Maneuvering

17 Minutes
20 Minutes
23 Minutes


Aircraft Empty Weight
Power (2x 7660 mAh)
Payload* (Gimbal/Camera)

5.31 pounds
2.27 pounds
1.24 pounds

* Weight shown is based on manufacturer’s maximum takeoff weight. Within the United States, FAA regulations restrict all UAS flight operations from exceeding 55 total pounds.



32.51 inches
32.4 inches
12.48 inches


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